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CA Lynx Canada Centennial 1967 PL Silver Coin Pendant on a 30" Silver Chain
1902-1910 Canada Large Cent Coin Pendant 18K 20" Gold Filled Wide Figaro Chain
The Gold Coins of Newfoundland by Harvey B. Richer Book Just Published Canada
1986 CANADA New Penny Pendant on a 30" 925 Silver Snake Chain
1867-1967 CANADA .800 SILVER CENTENNIAL LYNX COIN RING Size 10 or up to 11 or 12
1587-1987 CANADA Proof SILVER DOLLAR> Pendant & 18k White Gold Filled 24" Chain
O Canada King George V Large Cent Coin Pendant on 24" Gold Filled Figaro Chain
Canadian Five Cent Silver1858-1921 Whitman Album NOS NO COINS
Book : The Wellington Tokens of Colonial Canada from Branko Marelic 1st Ed. 2012
1990 CANADA SILVER DOLLAR COIN Pendant 28" Italy .925 Silver Rope Chain. 36mm
Book : The Bust and Harp Tokens of Canada from Ingram & Marelic 1st Ed. 2004
1964 Canada Elizabeth Mint 1 Cent Coin Pendant on a 24" Gold Filled Snake Chain.
1906 Canada King Edward VII Coin Pendant 18K 24" Gold Filled 4MM Figaro Chain
Holey Dollars and Dumps of Prince Edward Island Canada by Christopher Faulkner
Large Cents 1858-1901 Coins of Canada Meghrig Album Folder NOS 12 unmarked slots
1939 Canada Parliament Silver Dollar on an 18" Italian .925 Silver Petite Chain
XF 1940 CANADA 800 Silver 50 Cent Pendant on an 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain
1958 BC Totem Canada 800 Silver Dollar Pendant on a 24" 18kgf Gold Filled Chain.
1982 Proof CANADA Voyageur Dollar Pendant on an 18k White Gold Filled 24" Chain
1980 Canada Copper Maple Leaf Cent Pendant on a 24" 18k Gold Filled Snake Chain
Antique Rare 1944 CANADA Silver Coinage Pendant on an 20" Sterling Silver Chain
Fine Scarce 1958 CANADA Silver 50 Cent Pendant on an 18" Round Silver 925 Chain
Canada 50 Cents 1937-1962 Meghrig Gem Album with 6 unmarked slots NOS
Large Cents 1902-1920 Coins of Canada Meghrig Album Folder NOS
Coins Are Like Songs The Upper Canada Coppers, 1815-1841 by Christopher Faulkner
Canada Quarter Black Capital 2x2 Coin Holder
Canada Dollar Whitman Folder 1987-2008 with 4 Unmarked Slots
Proof Gem 1985 Canadian Reindeer 25c Pendant &- 18k White Gold Filled 24" Chain
Canada 25 Cents Whitman Folder 1953-1989
Canada 25 Cents Whitman Folder 1911-1952
Canada Dollar Whitman Folder 1953-1967
Canada Dollar Whitman Folder 1968-1984